About Us

KwiKom Communications is a Kansas Corporation founded in 2010 as a merger between two companies who began in 2004 with the mission of providing excellent service and support. Our home office is located in Iola, which makes KwiKom a proud Kansas company focused on serving our neighbors. Our customer service philosophy is based on treating people the way we want to be treated: with transparency, respect, and excellence.

We provide internet, telephone, and television services, with a growing fixed wireless network area of 22,000 square miles including over 45 counties in Kansas and Missouri. In addition to fixed wireless, since 2017, KwiKom has been expanding gigabit fiber optic network services to the home and business in communities across Kansas. We are pleased to offer residential, business, and enterprise services. If we are not in your area yet, keep checking in with us because we might be soon!

Our fixed wireless service is provided by utilizing towers, and tall structures in our communities with terrestrial microwave fixed wireless technology. The signal is transmitted to a small receiver on your home or business (CPE) from a tower in your area. Fiber optic services are provided by running fiber optic cable, underground and overhead, in communities to your home or business to provide state-of-the-art gigabit services. Unlike other technologies such as Satellite, our service has low latency, and high speeds making it possible to stream movies, game, and much more.

Join the KwiKom Family, and get the service you need, with the support you deserve from our friendly, local, team.