Cloud PBX empowers your employees and customers to connect anytime, from virtually anywhere, on any device. We will manage the entire VoIP Cloud PBX solution for you. Bringing a simple approach to advanced features, hassle free, with amazing customer service.

  • Keep your business running, even after hours.
  • Reduce upfront investments and ongoing operating/maintenance costs.
  • Interconnect multiple locations.
  • Give employees phone access from virtually anywhere, anytime.



This cost-effective phone is simple and designed for use in a lobby, break room, cafeteria, or shop area that is not assigned to a specific user.


This phone is designed for general business, support, and office personnel with several advanced features to improve productivity.


This phone is designed for the majority of professional employees. It includes advanced IP phone features and a premium phone.


Our conferencing phones will transform your conferencing experience by offering features and flexibility not found in other conferencing devices.


Advanced Receptionist phone built to handle a high volume of concurrent calls with.


A cordless IP phone that provides mobility within your workspace while maintaining a full set of features.


  • Multiple Extensions
  • Multiple DIDs
  • Multiple Locations (Connected Together)
  • Music On Hold
  • Queues
  • Ring Groups
  • IVR Auto Attendants
  • Conferencing
  • Desktop App
  • Mobile Apps
  • Instant Messaging
  • Call Monitor
  • Call Recording
  • Intercom
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail Blast
  • Call Detail Records
  • Online Management Portal
  • Caller ID
  • Call Screening
  • Call Park
  • Call Pickup
  • Directory / BLF (Busy Lamp)
  • Find Me, Follow Me
  • Call Filters / Blocking
  • And more…


Cloud PBX Service

Base charge per month for KwiKom Cloud PBX Service. Giving your business today’s most advanced phone system, with all the features your business needs to collaborate better internally, and communicate efficiently with your customers.

(One Per Cloud PBX System)

Additional Location

Have more than one location? No problem, we can add as many locations as you need to your KwiKom Cloud PBX  for a flat per location charge. Every location will be interconnected, and work together as one phone system between your locations. This includes e911 for each location.


We have a flat rate charge for each seat/extension (each desk/wireless phones connected) on your KwiKom Cloud PBX system. Each extension has unlimited calling and a full feature set. No hidden gimmicks here. You can also add KwiKom Communicator to your extension.
(Minimum one per PBX/Location)


Have as many or few Direct Inward Dialing numbers as you need for your KwiKom Cloud PBX with a simple flat fee for each DID on your PBX. Giving your the flexibility needed for your company’s communication needs. DIDs can be used to call into an IVR, Ring-Group, Direct to a Extension, and More…
(Minimum one per PBX/Location)

Other Optional Paid Features

Other optional paid features include: Conference Bridge, Communication GO Mobile App, and Communicator Desktop App. Contact our dedicated business solutions team to get a full quote including these optional features by calling 800-379-7292 or submitting for more information below.


Get KwiKom Services

Connect with our dedicated business solutions team by filling out this information. A representative will contact your to get more details, and put together a solution that best fits your needs. We look forward to providing you with the world’s most advanced cloud PBX phone service, and amazing customer service.