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Internet Connection

Your Internet connection should continue to function. If you are having problems, or begin to experience problems, please call KWIKOM Communications at 1-800-379-7292 to speak with one of our experienced support technicians. KWIKOM Communications has a full support team and phone support is available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., 7 days a week. When you contact us, you can expect that your problems will be addressed in a timely manner.

KwiKom Internet Plans

KWIKOM Internet Plans will soon be available to most BBWI subscribers. With KWIKOM’s plans you will be able to enjoy faster plans (up to 40mbps download) for your home or business. All KWIKOM plans include your equipment and a wireless router at no additional charge. You will be notified once your service is able to be upgraded.

BBWI Email

Email Addresses (KWIKOM.net) are available for any subscriber at no additional charge. Subscribers with bbwi.net and nvcs.com email address service will continue to function as before. If you have one of these email addresses, you will be able to keep your email address with your KWIKOM Internet service. Within 1-2 months these email addresses will be migrated to KWIKOM’s email servers.

Online Account Portal

You will be able to view, and pay your bill online via the “My Account” portal. Simply go to My Account in the top right corner and then select “request new login credentials via email by clicking here” — you will need an email on file with KWIKOM to set this up.

Phone Service Now Available

Phone Service is available in addition to your existing internet service for home and business subscribers including unlimited local and long-distance calling.

Email Billing Statements

Email Billing Statements are available to you through KWIKOM. Help us save trees, by sending your billing statement straight to your email inbox! There is no cost for this service, and you will get your statement every month hassle-free. KWIKOM does charge for paper billing statements ($5/statement), and this fee will start being applied to your bill within the next 1-2 billing cycles after your first statement.


Autopay by eCheck or Credit/Debit Card is available to you through KWIKOM. If you were previously enrolled in Autopay with BBWI this was not transferred in the acquisition, and you will need to call 1 (800) 379-7292 or log in to your online account management to set up AutoPay.

We highly recommend using autopay to ensure your bill is always paid on time, making your service as worry free as possible. You can use your Credit or Debit Card, Checking or Savings Account for automatic payments by calling KKWIKOM at 1 (800) 379-7292 or log in to your online account management.

Changes to the Network

Changes to the network will begin immediately as we identify ways to improve its operation. In many cases, these changes will be transparent to you, but in other cases, we may need to contact you to arrange a time for one of our technicians to visit your home or business as we work to upgrade and improve your Internet connection. We appreciatre your patience thoughout the transition as our focus will be to improve the level of service and options available to you, our valued customers. With reliable quality and performace of our network,  we will work to provide state-of-the-art technology to bring the best connection to you, in town or rural.


Billing for services will be billed in advance, with the due date being the first date of the service period (normally the 1st of each month for BBWI subscribers). Your initial billing statement from KWIKOM will be delayed by approximately one week due to the timing of the acquisition. Invoices will be generated promptly as we continue to integrate subscriber records into our systems. We will be contacting subscribers to provide guidance on how to update billing and account information, as well as discussing service plans as network upgrades are completed in the area. Please remit all current and future payments to KWIKOM Communications, 800 W. Miller Rd, Iola, KS 66749